Wet weather office moving, how to go about it


wet weather moving

Wet weather office moving, how to go about it

So you have decided to move office, unfortunately the weather forecast authorities predict rain on the moving day. What do you do bearing in mind that some of your office items, paper files and IT electronic equipment for example, need to be protected from the rain?

Damaged items aren’t an option. To prevent this, you should plan carefully and seek assistance from skilled office removals experts to ensure everything arrives undamaged.

What you need to keep in mind

A successful move takes days, even weeks of preparation, you need to have a detailed check-list of actions and items. Here are the key pointers you should think about as you prepare for an office move on a wet day. Its worth checking the BBC weather forecast website at least a couple of days in advance so you can be ready for all eventualities.

Easily damaged items

These includes printouts of vital documents, binders, achieved files and anything made of material that can be easily wetted. These should be highly protected.

Packing materials and storage boxes

Typical cardboard boxes will not be ideal if it is raining. Plastic storage bins, all-weather-proof floor mats and laminated boxes are suitable for packing and protecting your office items from the elements. Each employee should be given a waterproof storage box to transport personal items.

Seek assistance from packing specialists and movers

If you are using a removal company to relocate, make sure you meet with them weeks prior to packing. Moving companies like us will have a structure in place to help organise and prepare for the move. Some companies can also offer their own waterproof packing boxes for purchase to help. Ask them how much it will cost per hour if the job runs over, this way you could delay moving the items out into the open until the downpour subsides reducing both risk and damage.

Here at BYMV we have handled all kinds of removals. Our man in a van team believe that, rain or shine office removals should be simple, for more advice, talk to us on 020 3327 7300 or send us an email using the links on the right.

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