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Removal Companies vs do it yourself?

The sheer mention of the phrase ‘moving home’ is enough to drive panic into many people. Bad past experiences and all the upheaval surrounding home moves rank them among the top 10 most stressful events in the world. The process of moving is also costly, with home movers usually spending much more money than they had budgeted for. Many people carry out the removal process themselves. But, is it worth it?

Myth 1: I will save money if I do it myself as opposed to hiring removal companies!

The removal costs allied to house moves can often appear daunting, however these are usually insignificant when compared to losses and accidents that may occur when you do not engage a professional. Most people are not familiar with moving fragile or large items and many attempts result in damages and accidents. Removal companies are skilled in carrying out moves safely, efficiently, quickly and will save you both time, and money. More importantly your items will arrive undamaged at your new home.

Myth 2: Movers do not care about my prized possessions!

Many people believe that removal men are careless with other peoples’ possessions and this myth drives them to doing the packing and moving themselves. However, most moving companies are professionals and handle your belongings with a great deal of care. They have the appropriate tools and supplies to pack up any items you have. Obviously you will need to do some research on choosing the right removal company ahead of your move.

Myth 3: I prefer to pack the items myself so that I know where everything is!

This is another myth that people have, what they don’t know is that moving companies are experienced and only pack things that you have instructed them to pack. Removal companies also know how to label the packaging boxes correctly so you can be sure that unpacking your items from the boxes will be a lot easy.

What size van do I need?

Another consideration and one that most people underestimate is the size of the van required. Do I need to hire a Luton van or long wheel base? The answer is simple, hire a van with a driver then you won’t need to leave hefty deposits with the hirer, you don’t need to worry about going to collect the vehicle and dropping it off or worry about filling the van up with diesel at the end of the end. If you are still not too sure take a look at the specifications for Luton and long wheel base vans here.

So why put yourself through this, our free advice to you is do not do the moving yourself. At the end of the day you will end up incurring costs and damages that you could have been avoided. If you are still convinced that you are going to move yourself then make sure you wear the appropriate clothing.

At BYMV  we handle our clients’ possessions with utmost care and consideration and we never overcharge for our services. Request a man and van quote by contacting us using the information on the right and let us be in your list of removal companies.

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