How to prepare your employees for an office move


prepare employees fro office move

Office Move: How to prepare your employees

Moving is more than just packing. It is vital for business owners to prepare their workforce for a move well in advance. This will not only install confidence about their job security, but also make them comfortable and feel a part of the move. Effective “change management” is vital when moving office premises. Before any steps are taken you will need to decide on a date to move offices which best suits you and your employees.

So, what is the initial step in preparing employees? First make a plan and notify everyone about the event detailing the schedule, this is where you list down the items that will be moved and when. Remember to state when deliveries and office mail will be forwarded to your preferred new address. Do not forget also to set up other services such as internet / WiFi and at the new location prior to your move, plan the IT move carefully making sure your employees are aware of where their workstations are going to be located and any new procedures that will be in place, you don’t want to have your employees working in a non-conducive environment. Take a look at this article for more detailed office move requirements, technical, new address communication and of course location, location, location. 

Once you have your plan in detail it is time to communicate with your movers, employees, loyal clients, and suppliers. The employees should be made aware of the move in an official way, this way they feel appreciated and feel part of the company. In addition, it advisable for every employee to be present during the moving day to avoid any items getting lost or left behind.

One of the best approaches to prepare your staff for a move is being excited about the move yourself. Have them know how enthusiastic you are to relocate to the new premises, tell them about the things they are going to enjoy in the new office, local eating establishments or bars and about the growth the company is aiming to achieve once you move to the new premises. Even if you are downsizing put a positive spin on it, cutting costs to increase profit and secure jobs etc.

After briefing the employees it’s now time to contact your mover. We would be glad to help. We are the most reliable office removal company in London. Over time we have realised that one of the most significant aspects of an office move is saving time, money and alleviating stress. We have mastered the ideal process to relieve all of your concerns. Call us on 020 3327 7300 and speak to one of our advisers.

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