Moving home? Say goodbye to old friends in style


say goodbye to old friends

Moving house? Say goodbye to old friends in style

The person moving is always in the spotlight during a life-changing event that is for sure full of new adventures. But what about the friends who are left behind? When relocating, consider giving your pals a farewell token. They are going to miss you, so remembering them before you move will help keep your friendship strong for the future.

Here are some ideas you can try to show your old pals some affection.

1.     Empty house party

Once your items have been packed and everything is out of the house, you can throw that last bash. Your friends can bring drinks and garden furniture to set the mood right for an empty house party. All you need then is the local Domino’s pizza number or order online and consent from your neighbours. Don’t go too mad you may find that you need to return to the old property and the last thing you want is embarrassment when you go back.

There are many benefits of an empty house party. It is an opportunity to reminisce about the lovely times you had in your home, tidying up will be easy, and any slightly inebriated ones may just help to move the heavy things later. Similar to the house warming below you can use the same tips for your farewell bash.

2.     Housewarming shindig

You’re moving to a new home and you want to invite friends over to celebrate, providing you are not moving too far away that is. If this is your first move you probably have never thrown a house warming party before and you are wondering where to start. A house warming party can be fun and not too expensive.

  1. Draw up a guest list – start building a guest list. Be sure to include friends, family and co-workers that you would like to invite. Bear in mind the space you have and always allow for 30% more attendees than invited. Key point is the more people the greater the cost.
  2. Choosing a date – don’t be in a rush to have your party, make sure you have time to unpack and decorate, there is nothing worse than apologising to friends about the condition of your new home, its much better to show them the finished article.
  3. Sending the invitations – these should go out 2-3 weeks before the event. Decide how you are going to send them, Facebook or other social media, email, post? Either way include the date, start and end time on the invite. Make sure you ask for an RSVP so you know how many to cater for. Always cater for more. DO NOT POST PUBLICLY ON SOCIAL MEDIA THAT YOU ARE HAVING A PARTY, there have been some horrific stories of those who have
  4. Food – finger food is always a favourite for home thrown parties. Time is of the essence, be realistic about how much time you will have to prepare the food, unless of course you go for the caterer option, easier but a lot more expensive. Recently Waitrose started party snack catering and have a whole page dedicated to party planning, you can either collect or have it delivered. Either way keep it simple. Please bear in mind the dietary requirements of your friends, are there any allergies for example or religious requirements such as Halal meat?
  5. Drinks – careful here as this can be expensive. You will already know most of your friends favourite tipple and it may be worth visiting a wholesale outlet such as Costco, Makro or Bookers to buy in bulk. Another alternative which will add some excitement to your move may be a day (or 2) trip to France to buy your drinks list duty free, often the saving on the alcohol pays for the whole trip so why not check out ferry prices and the Eurotunnel to see what deals they have on, its a great way to unwind especially when you are moving.

3.     Sharing all your contacts

Don’t let distance cause a rift, instead make sure you give all your friends your new contact information and address, that way you can visit each other or communicate regularly even if you are world’s apart. Use social media to post your new experiences, and photos, so your friends can see what you are up to.

4.     Gift hunt

For very close friends leave a permanent impression by placing a hidden memento in their house, you can leave several with clues they have to solve with each one until they have found them all, for example one gift could read ‘Well done! You found me under your sofa! Now go upstairs and look in your Lofa!’. Days after you have moved, they will open a drawer or cupboard to find the keepsake. It is a great way to make them feel special and remember you. Usually, the perfect things to leave include an ‘inside joke’, or something special that will make them remember the good times you shared together.

Summing up your move should be special, with so much to plan you need an exceptional house removal company to help you make the moving occasion even more remarkable. We are always ready to help. We are a recognized removal company so you can expect us to crown your day with quick and efficient moving service. Just drop us an email or call us using the information on the right, we would be glad to be part of your life-changing event.

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