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Moving house & home and finding the right neighbourhood

Whether you are changing cities or streets moving home is a big deal. The city you are relocating to is obviously determined by many factors, some of which are manageable while others are not. With that said, there are many neighbourhoods in every city, so, how do you go about picking the best to settle in that will be best for you and your family? If this is your first time buying or maybe you are just moving in together for the first time.

Three make factors can make or break your experience;

  • Crime levels
  • School / Education quality
  • Property price fluctuation

Before looking at properties and locations first make a list of ‘must-haves’ and the not so important ‘nice-to-haves’

Ask for expert advice on moving house

An expert can be either an estate agent or mortgage expert. These professionals will listen to your interests, plans and other preferences and determine a neighbourhood suitable for you. A mortgage expert will advice you on what’s viable based on your lifestyle, income and expenses, while an estate agent will show you a range of potential neighbourhoods and guide you along the way. Before doing any of this you need to know what type of home you want, a single family home, an apartment or maybe a town-house? Do you want old world character or new build, these are all important questions when searching for you home. Look for warning signs, graffiti, vandalism, overgrown gardens, are there too many ‘for sale’ or ‘to rent’ signs, all of these paint a negative picture and may reduce the value of your property.

Another way of getting expert advice is to talk to local residents, make yourself active and talk to people who are really in the know and with no incentive to steer away from the truth.

Public Transport

Transportation is a big deciding factor when looking for the best neighbourhood. Regardless of if you can afford your own means, it never hurts to stay in a vicinity that has a range of public transport methods. Are trains, bike lanes, buses or underground readily available in your preferred area? How much of your valuable personal time are you willing to spend travelling to and from work?

Education & Schools

Do you have children or planning a  family soon? then you will probably be considering the education amenities nearby, this is a priority and living in an area where there is a high sought after schooling system can add value to your property, Ofsted can help you when searching for Schools based on their own reports. How old are your kids and what class are they in? Some of these questions will help you sift through neighbourhoods more efficiently. Kids can be reluctant to move especially when changing Schools have a look at this article to help you deal with this issue.


Restaurants, shopping centres, grocery stores, night-life, to name just a few. A family with children would do well in an area near a recreation centre and park. Find a neighbourhood that matches your needs and lifestyle. Be careful here though, always check for late night noise from local bars and clubs, try to visit the area at different times of the day before your move so you can get an idea before committing.

Recreation & Sports

Every town has something unique to offer in regards to recreation and this is important as you need to spend your quality time together as a family and preferably outdoors.

  • Summer activities: golfing, hiking, cycling, tennis, football
  • All year round activities: squash, swimming, badminton, basketball
  • For nature lovers: beaches, gardens, pools, parks
  • If you prefer indoors:  theatres, community centres, museum, and art galleries

Once you have analysed these issues and found a suitable neighbourhood, you are good go, use this checklist to help you if renting a new home. Now its time to start planning the leaving or house warming party for your friends. You just have to find an experienced removal company, which will help you relocate to your new home. Once you have all that in hand use this checklist to get the ball rolling. Here at BYMV (Book Your Man With a Van) we pride ourselves in providing clients with well-organized and reliable man and van services. We know well most of the London City’s neighbourhoods and you can count on us for an efficient, hassle free move.

Contact us and we will make your dream move a reality. You can speak to one of our advisers on 020 3327 7300.

There are some great moving house resources to be found here

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