Moved Cities? Here are some secrets to making new friends


Moved into London recently? Here are some secrets to making new friends

Ok, so I have some experience in this subject and not just in London either! Being new in the town or city you are probably longing to get out there and begin meeting new friends. It’s not strange to spend a lot of time alone at the start so it helps to enjoy your own company, however too much time alone will certainly leave you feeling despondent being away from old friends and family. Think of it like this, London itself has a population of about 8+ million people – that is 8 million potential friends! So take the initiative today, here are some ideas on how you can make new friends quickly, assuming you have already found the best location to live in of course.

Local Bars??

Ok so this is the obvious place to start but is it the best? from experience it can be yes but certainly isn’t cheap especially in London. Add to that cab you be a good enough judge of character with a few Pino Gricio’s inside you (or Heineken’s or Vodka’s if that’s you tipple). I have tried this many times, in the moment you think life is fantastic and how popular you are and why didn’t you do this years ago? The next day however is a different story, you could be full of remorse with ‘did I really say that’ or maybe you start bumping into people you met in the clear light of day and you think ‘OMG why was I even talking to him/her?’

Use the internet to find new friends (carefully)

Being new in the Capital the internet is an excellent place to meet new people. You need to be very wary though as not everyone’s motives are innocent. There are many social websites, Facebook being the largest, offering connections so this shouldn’t be a problem, look at your friends ‘friends’, see if there is anyone in London that you can message and connect with, if they are a friend of a friend it is possible that you already have something in common, even if you don’t they may introduce you to their friends and odds on their will be someone that you do. Please bear in mind though  that once you feel confident to meet someone always ensure that the meeting is held in a public place for safety purposes and if possible take someone with you. If you speak another language you might also check for expat websites.

Talk to people

Meeting new friends requires effort, you will be surrounded by people in your neighbourhood, school or at work. It’s easy to become reclusive but you will never make friends if you don’t take the initiative and chat with people. It’s a question of confidence if you portray it you will attract it. Seize every opportunity, talk to everybody, everywhere; chat to the guy next in the queue; the barman, the shop assistant, talk to your fellow passengers – in short, be social. You could try an online site that caters for meeting new friends in London and has a wealth of information with

Learn to entertain

If you have met people you like invite them to your place for a simple hangout to get to know the casual side of your new friends. You could cook together or order some food in and have some drinks, play cards or do whatever interests you and them. Alternatively, you can organize nights out or events – your new friends will appreciate that and there will be a greater possibility of growing your friendship to the next level.

Use your hobbies to meet new friends

With millions of people living in London almost all hobbies are catered for. Finding a group people who shares a common concern or interest is a perfect place to start. If you love tennis, golf, hiking, swimming, or watching English Premier League football, chances are you will meet friends that love the same things or activities as you.

Societies and Groups

If you are into drama, movies or sports, there are is a high possibility that you will meet like-minded friends while participating in something you love. Details about local clubs and groups in London are available online, in local newspapers, and other news sources. Join as many as you can bearing in mind that the best one may not be on your doorstep, it may be in the next borough.

Volunteer work

Volunteering is not something that many people consider doing. Though you do not earn an income from volunteering it is probably the most rewarding and a good way to enjoy helping the community as you meet friends who share that ‘considerate factor’. The Government have a Mayor of London initiative called Team London that has a wealth of information on how and where to volunteer. Here you will find thousands of opportunities to volunteer right across London.

Museums and theatres

London is full of museums and theatres. Take time to visit some of these attractions;

and many other attractions some of which are listed here. Some of these museums are free to visit, while other offer discounted ticket prices to members, so money is not an excuse. Once there talk to people around you about the exhibits on display, you will be surprised how many talk back. It’s a confidence thing yet again, they are just as reserved as you, be the first to break the ice they are all dying to talk to someone and share the moment.

Broaden your horizons, you will not make any new acquaintances in London sitting home watching movies. We can’t help you find friends but we wish you all the best as you meet new friends in this amazing city. Whenever you need to move from one part of London to another, we will always be available to help with one man and a van or more. Call us on 020 3327 7300 for all your home removal requirements.

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