How to plan a hassle free and smooth IT relocation


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How to plan a hassle free and smooth IT relocation

Ensuring your IT equipment is moved to your new office premises safely is significant to the future success of your company. Damaged equipment means loss of earnings so it’s imperative that this part of the move goes well.

Planning the office move at least 6 months earlier is handy in minimizing stress levels and ensuring that your employees are well prepared for the big day. See here how you can prepare your employees for a move.

Below are some tips on how to guarantee your IT relocation runs smoothly.

Shop around

IT connectivity is a cut-throat industry so it is advisable to shop around before you opt for the company to fit new or existing systems in your new office. Getting several quotes from different companies means you can benefit from a quality connection at a reasonable price possibly less than you are presently paying. Prior to signing up for any IT package, ensure it is flexible enough to support growth in your business and make sure you are not tied in to a long contract.

Pre-arrange your connection

Whether you are transferring your existing connection or changing vendors ensure that the new IT connection is completed few days to your move. Note that, new connections may take time to set up depending on;

  1. the location of your new office
  2. the type of product you have
  3. the type of office premises you are relocating to

Survey the new office premises

Visit your new office with the IT relocation company you plan to use way before the move. The IT experts will assess the existing infrastructure and layout so that your business can commence its operations as quickly and effectively as possible when you move in. IT experts will also check if the premises have structured cabling, if air conditioners are needed to cool the servers and where the servers will be positioned and many other related factors.

Plan an out of hours move

Good planning is half the struggle when it comes to the effective implementation of IT equipment. You may minimise downtime significantly by planning a move over a weekend or out-of-hours.  Ensure your staff are available so that they can help and oversee the move. Also, having the employees available will give you the chance to test the new set-up.

Finally, make sure you have hired a reliable office removal company. It is not worth risking damage to your expensive office equipment by using inexperienced movers. We work with you to develop a plan that will hopefully eliminate at least some of the stress and ensures a successful transition to your new office. We treat all businesses – small or large the same. Call us today to discuss your requirements further.

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