Finding a house near your work, what you should know


Finding a house near your work – what you should know.

One of the most significant concerns for people when purchasing a home is it’s location. How near is it to amenities such as Schools, hospitals, shopping centres and whether it is within a reasonable commuting distance to work.

Suburban Living

As our cities get bigger and we move further out, living in the suburbs can involve commuting long distances to work. For most of us it is our financial status that dictates where we live, usually where new housing is available, and we must prepare for a time consuming commute to the city. Alternatively we could look for a job in the region we are moving to.

If you must commute then look for neighbourhoods where there is good access to the tube network, railways and highways that lead to the city. Proximity to highways dictate house prices in the suburbs so you have to weigh up your priorities cautiously before deciding on the right neighbourhood to move into.

Urban living

in the last few years there has been a key trend to opt for city apartments. many professional no longer desire owning a four bedroom house in the sticks but rather opt for a classy ‘urban village’ lifestyle. The advantages in living in the city are that you can easily commute to the office and access everything else that is important to you such as night life, restaurants and shops. however, if you opt to purchase an inner city apartment with the aim of being close to your workplace and other public amenities then you need to understand some of the aspects linked with this style of living.

  • Some city apartments are strata styled, this means as a resident you must contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of that particular complex. In addition there are rules on what you can do with you apartment.
  • Unless you apartment management provides it, parking becomes a crucial issue. For this reason some inner city residents get rid of their vehicles and opt for public transport.
  • Security is also a crucial issue with inner city living. Contrary to the suburbs where crime is less serious it is more common in the city, various apartment have CCTV and key passes to combat this problem.

Woking remotely from home

Another growing trend is whereby companies allow their employees to work from home. This minimises the companies expenses and allows their staff to have a better work life balance. If you are lucky enough to have this opportunity then where to live becomes less of a problem. If you are a freelancer you are free to find a home which offers you good lifestyle over location.

With internet speeds around the world increasing and readily more available some have even opted to live in other countries such as Spain and other parts of the Mediterranean for that all important outdoor-lifestyle.

If you are moving soon then give us a call to discuss your requirements, we can provide you with a man with a van to move you to your dream work/life balance location. Use the information on the right of this article and we would be more than happy to help.

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