Do not lose your loyal customers just because you are moving office


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Do not lose your loyal customers just because you are moving office

Moving office is an inevitable part of any organisation’s life-cycle, and in most cases a positive one. Moving shows you are progressing and growing as a business. Unfortunately relocating can be unsettling for a business, it’s employees, and it’s loyal clients too.

Why Location Matters

There are three main reasons for moving;

  1. One of the top reasons for relocation is the need for a suitable work force. You may have a shortage of qualified workers, especially where technical expertise is a requirement, it may be well worth relocating to an area where you can easily find employees.
  2. You may have outgrown your existing premises or facilities.
  3. Cost issues, depending on your circumstances you may have financial issues to consider.

Here are some guaranteed ways to relocate your office premises without causing too much disturbance to your clients.

1. Be honest

Once you have made up your mind to move you must be honest with your loyal clients as possible. The move can eventually turn out to be very valuable for them and you shouldn’t worry at all that you may lose them simply because you are moving.

2. Communicate the reason

When you notify customers about the move make the reasons behind it clear. Positively explain why you are relocating and how the move is going to aid you service your clients more efficiently.

3. Communicate regularly

It is crucial to update your loyal clients about your office relocation plans, particularly the week before the move. Explain to them how they can get in touch with you during the move. If you keep them in the dark their loyalty levels may be compromised. There are many ways you can ensure that your clients are informed of the move through email, post and telephone.

4. Add value

A new office environment should let you provide better services and operate more efficiently. This can be realised by upgrading technology and communication structures.

5. Thank your customers

During the move it is the perfect time to thank your clients for their loyalty and as you thank them don’t forget to add your new address, this will make them feel appreciated.

After you are sure that every loyal customer is aware of the move you can go ahead with your plans. Remember to find a good office removal company as this is the most important aspect of relocating. We are a man and a van¬†company that is always devoted to making a business’s moving experience easy and stress free. Call us on 020 3327 7300 or email us using the information on the right¬†and let us help you realise your dream office move.

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