7 questions you must ask before hiring a moving company


questions to ask removal company

7 questions you must ask yourself before hiring a moving company

You are planning to move house soon. Going to Google and typing the phrase “Moving Company” will not help you much. For sure you will find a million removal companies, but are you ready to entrust your prized 1970’s go-go boots or grand piano to complete strangers?

How do you choose which removal company who to rely on when it comes to relocating? Asking key questions not only unearths a wealth of information about the mover and helps prepare you for d-day but also saves you hassle in the long run. Below are some vital questions to ask prior to your move.

How long has the removal company been in business?

This is an important question to ask, experience matters, and record of accomplishment shows the capacity to deliver. For instance, has the company ever moved kid’s clay hand-prints or other fragile and sentimental items? No amount of insurance can compensate for losses like these. Most people want to use reputable companies that have been operating for a long period of time because it proves that they provide a quality service, are trustworthy and a professional company. You will end up with a short list of contenders and it can be difficult to decide which is the best company to use, go with your gut feeling it’s more often than not right.

Is the company licensed?

Does the company have all the necessary licences to operate in the town or city you are relocating to? You don’t want to be delayed by regulatory authorities just because your mover is not licensed.

Is the company insured?

Quality companies will get your possessions to the destination without any breakages, but even with the best will in the world there will be a slip up from time to time, it is the nature of the business, it happens. Never use a removal company that is not insured. Also, it is important to check if your items will be covered not only during the move but whilst being carried to and from the vehicle. You can normally buy additional insurance to cover your items if they are lost or damaged. Be sure you know exactly what the insurance covers, including ‘full replacement value’.

What do their charging rates include?

Low rates do not essentially mean a low final price, you should be more focused on a successful outcome. Just like the airlines rates can vary based on days of the week and seasons. Often people opt to move at the weekends to minimize time off work but this often comes with an additional charge for premium periods. Estimate layouts between providers can be confusing and misleading, are fuel charges included? Will they give you a cheaper rate if you relocate on a Sunday as opposed to Monday? Don’t be caught off-guard and find after the fact there are fees charged for additional services that you hadn’t anticipated for.

Have you achieved any Awards?

Have they won any accolades and awards for their service? Are they a member of British Association of Removers (BAR)? Are they highly recommended by past clients? – check the reviews page on their site and also Google+ and Facebook pages.

Will you pack my belongings?

Will the moving team help you pack your items? How many will be available? How long will the whole job take? Will you be charged more if there is overtime, if so how much? If the removal company is doing your packing you want to be assured that they will do the job properly. Ask how they pack delicate items and if they use specialist packing materials.

Lastly, does the removal company have any questions or suggestions for you?

If they do not have a single question, yet they are ready to give you an estimate, turn and run.

At BYMV we fulfil all the above requirements, we are the most reliable London removal company. For any questions or concerns visit our man with van website or contact us on 020 3327 7300 and one of our advisers will answer all your questions.

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