5 things you should know before moving to London


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5 Things You Should know before Moving to London

Are you thinking of moving to London? Every big city has its own downs and lows, it’s advisable for you to be aware of things before moving. With that said, London is an amazing place to live but read this before packing your bags.

Think of London as home to small towns rather than one large city.

Like Amazonian communities, every region in London has a different atmosphere, ambiance and local cultures. Make a decision whether you want to be West, East, South or North of the Capital, with 33 London boroughs to choose from spend some time researching first. Consider your commuting time and the facilities that matter to you (schools, parks, shopping malls etc). It’s a cashless City where contact-less payment machines are even on the London Underground which is great as not carrying cash leaves you less of a target for opportunists. Don’t forget to get your Oyster card as soon as you can, register it online so you can top it up automatically, trust me, there is nothing worse than being at the gate with a queue behind you and your card is rejected.

All is not lost if you move to somewhere you are not absolutely comfortable with.

If you are in a rush to find a house, you may not get the best location on your first try, but trying out different regions is part of the fun of living in such a big, diverse city. You can relocate whenever time allows, and you will have lots of experience gained from your former area. Try sites like spareroom.co.uk and use their ‘Where to Live in London’ wizard to help you find the best place for you.

Know your rights

As a tenant it’s important to be familiar with your rights in regards to contracts, tenancy agreements, repairs, deposit and anything else concerning your accommodation, this will avoid any future disagreements especially when it comes to getting your deposit back.

Rent can be on the high-end in London

Yes, you have probably heard this many times before; however, unlike the legends about the secret ingredients at Starbucks and the man-sized rats in the sewers, this one is regrettably true. Expect to begin at £600 per month for a decent place, and after that, they sky is always the limit. London’s high rent charges are nothing new, compare how much you now spend on your room with how low the cost of living where you came from and you’ll end up crying into your very expensive Starbucks coffee.

Take advantage of the open exhibitions, museums and festivals.

One of the London’s biggest assets is the number of free events happening at any one time. A number of the museums are free including the British Museum, V & A and the Welcome Collection. There are also regular photography and art exhibitions, which will cost you zero to visit. If you have a smartphone install the FREE Google maps app, add your home address to your contacts for ease of access when getting directions to and from the various attractions. If you have a young family there are many attractions that the kids will love to visit.

Keep an eye on your phone for those FREE WiFi hotspots (back to Starbucks) and keep in touch with distant relatives, use Skype or Apple FaceTime, its important to take those few minutes to bring a smile to the faces of those left behind.

When you are ready to move do not hesitate to call a removal company. At BYMV we can facilitate your move with a van and man in a safe and efficient manner. Call us on 020 3327 7300 or email using the addresses on the right of this post.

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